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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are AC Schnitzer components BMW Approved in the UK?

A. No. "BMW Approved" applies to parts imported and distributed by BMW GB. This was the case with AC Schnitzer in the UK until 2007 when BMW released their own range of accessories - BMW M Performance. At this point ceased being BMW approved, but your factory warranty remains valid and is not voided by fitting AC Schnitzer parts.

Q. What do the letters and numbers like "E46" and "R50" mean?

A. BMW and MINI use these model codes to refer to a car while it is being developed and refer to the body shape of each mode in a series. You'll need your model code to accurately find your car in our shop. Call us if you can't see your car listed or if you are unsure.

Q. I just want to convert my car to an AC Schnitzer car, how much is that going to cost?

A. Everyone's perception of what constitutes an AC Schnitzer car is different, some people just want the "look" and others will also want engine and suspension upgrades that may not be as obvious. Because of this, we list component prices separately in most cases and allow you to choose the upgrades that are important to you. Let us know what you'd like, and we can put together a package price for you including all painting and fitting charges. Just contact us to request a quote.

Q. Where can I get the work done?

A. At our workshops near King's Lynn, Norfolk, or at many competent garages. Most bodyshops can also handle the painting and fitting work required for aerodynamic parts. If in doubt, call us with your location and we will recommend a way forward for you.

Q. I've seen engine tuning options elsewhere at lower cost, are they the same as AC Schnitzer?

A. AC Schnitzer engine tuning components are put through exhaustive testing procedures to ensure performance, reliability and compatibility with all electronic systems before being released to the public. In addition, all our engine tuning includes an exclusive warranty of at least 3 years from date of registration for the engine/drivetrain to run alongside the manufacturer's warranty, ensuring that these items are still covered even though the engine is tuned (conditions apply).

Q. What does "NLA" mean?

A. NLA stands for No Longer Available. This product is now discontinued and there is no stock in the UK or Germany. We cannot obtain products marked NLA.

Q. How can I tell if a car is a genuine AC Schnitzer?

A. AC Schnitzer is an aftermarket brand, there are no AC Schnitzer cars built at the BMW factory. Owners can choose from our range of products for each car, so there is no fixed specification. Conversion can take place when the car is new, or later on. AC Schnitzer parts can be fitted by AC Schnitzer importers, BMW dealers, independent dealers, or car owners, and of course AC Schnitzer parts can be removed or replaced at any time. So unfortunately there is no way to verify which AC Schnitzer parts are fitted to a car, except by visual inspection.

Q. What do I do about insurance?

A. All modifications must be declared to your insurer (by law). Not all insurance companies will provide cover for modified cars, so speak to your insurer before fitting any AC Schnitzer components and shop around for the best deal.