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All the time you don’t need it, it's not important. But if you need it and it's not there, it's a problem. Fortunately warranty is very rarely needed for AC Schnitzer, as we place great importance on quality. In principle, all AC Schnitzer products sold in the UK carry a two-year manufacturer's warranty, or until the end of the 3 year BMW warranty period, whichever is longer. Modification using AC Schnitzer components does not affect the fundamental warranty obligation of BMW AG in relation to the complete vehicle. The BMW warranty can only be excluded in the special case of a claim which is directly attributable to an AC Schnitzer component. Vehicles upgraded with AC Schnitzer components are therefore not automatically excluded from the BMW warranty.

Performance upgrades

For performance upgrades in the UK and Ireland AC Schnitzer provides a 3 year warranty (or up to 100,000km / 60,000km for M cars) from the date of first registration for the engine and drivetrain. This warranty is provided free of charge. So as the customer, you're on the safe side: if your vehicle fitted with an AC Schnitzer performance upgrade develops a fault for which BMW does not bear liability, we step in. You can find the full warranty conditions here.